2018 Event

The Centennial Anniversary of the Romania Day Festival – fruitfully celebrated on Sunday May 20th on Broadway


Despite initial unfavorable weather predictions, Romanians and New Yorkers attended the event in record numbers alongside an astounding crowd of tourists from over one hundred countries. The audience celebrated amidst what turned out to be a bright and sunny Sunday. The special edition of the XIX Festival was honored by the presence of H.E. George Cristian Maior, Romanian Ambassador to Washington DC, as well as by Rep. Joe Wilson (R- SC) and H.E. Ion Jinga, Romanian Ambassador to the UN, both of whom joyfully took part in the dinner gala that same evening.

The festival was followed by the awards ceremony where the title of Best Romanian Diplomat in the US was awarded to H.E. George Cristian Maior. Mr. Major was our envoy to Washington DC, a devoted civil servant who has worked tirelessly at bettering relations between the United States and Romania, strengthening the NATO partnership, and improving the relationship between our diaspora and the Washington elite. Mr. Maior thanked the organizers and vowed to continue his efforts to serve his nation and all the people of Romania.

George Naghiu was another award recipient, and was recognized as the Best RABC Member. Known for his title as Managing Director in Cluj Napoca, he contributed enormously to the success of RABC’s growth in Romania and also provided generous funding for the Romania Day event.