2015 Event

The XVI Anniversary of the Romania Day on Broadway Festival - Sunday, the 10th of May


Romania is a country alive with spellbinding music, delicious food and charming traditions. Only one place transports this culture outside the country’s borders as authentically as the Romania Day Festival in New York City, the melting pot of the world. Held in the world-famous Financial District, the heart of Lower Manhattan on Broadway on Sunday, May 10, 2015, the Romania Day Festival brought an abundance of authenticity of the Romanian culture and tradition for Romanian-Americans, Romanians and the diaspora.

This year marked the Sixteenth Edition of the festival. Annually, it averages 25,000 visitors from New York and abroad, and this year was no exception. An extra treat at this year was its alignment with Mother’s Day and, throughout the day, delighted mothers were enjoying the warm weather with their families, visiting the multitudes of vendors selling homemade goods from Romania and traditional food.

Honorable Mike Turner, Congressman from Ohio (R) and co-chair of the Romanian Caucus, was the keynote speaker. Other officials included H.E. Florin Angelo Florian, Romanian Ambassador to Santiago, Chile, H.E. Vlad Lupan, Moldovan Ambassador to the UN and Honorable Ioana Costache, Consul General of Romania in New York. Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio, although unable to attend, sent a letter commemorating the ongoing efforts of the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce and the Romanian-American community for their contributions to the United States and the diaspora.

Special thanks to the team at MIC & Associates: Despina TeodorescuMiroslav NemelivskyKateryna Bakhnak and Diana Antonescu.

Official Invitees and Participants at the 2015 Romania on Broadway Festival:

Keynote Speaker — Congressman Mike Turner

Honorable Bill de Blasio — Mayor, New York City (invited)

H.E. Iulian Buga — Romanian Ambassador to Washington DC

H.E. Simona Miculescu — Romanian Ambassador to the UN

H.E. Florin Angelo Florian — Romanian Ambassador to Santiago, Chile

H.E. Vlad Lupan — Moldovan Ambassador to the UN

Honorable Ioana Costache — Consul General of Romania in New York