The XXI Edition

Sunday, June 12, 2022
The Largest and Most Popular Romanian Festival in the United States
Sunday, June 12, 2022
A unique event conceived to bring a wonderful glimpse of Romanian culture in the Capital of the World.

Romanian Day On Broadway Festival represents the best and most unique venue for the Romanian community in the United States and the citizens of the world to experience, enjoy and cherish the best of Romanian culture, customs, values and traditions along with music, food and folklore – all on the famous Canyon of Heroes on Broadway – New York.

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We are back after two difficult years

The XXI Edition of Romania Day On Broadway - dedicated to culture, heritage and progress

Romania Day on Broadway will take place on Sunday, June 12 – on Broadway (bet. Bowling Green Park and Liberty Street) and will feature one of the most memorable and varied performance programs to date. The 2022 Edition will bring the best and the brightest groups o performers from many of the country’s regions – world renewed for its landscapes, architecture, traditions, food and millennial cultural heritage. This event is being made possible by our partners at the Romanian American Business Council, Minovici Medical Development, Mount Sinai International, Trasngaz, Constructim, Dorin BOB Enterprises and the Romanian Embassy in Washington DC.

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Our Guests Of Honour
His Eminency Timothy Dolan

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Hon. Joe Wilson
Congressman (R-SC)

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Hon. Daniel Lipinski
Congressman (D-IL)

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Kirsten Gillibrand
Senator (D-NY)

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H.E. George Maior
US Romanian Ambassador

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Hon. Mike Turner
Congressman (R-OH)

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A special glimpse of the Romania Day Festival - The XIX Edition - 2018

About the festival
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Bringing Romania closer to America!

Although I’ve been living in the United States for more than forty years, Romania will always have a special place in my heart. This is not because I remain its faithful citizen and not because I trace my roots for almost three centuries in the country, but because I  can’t think of a better, more loyal and passionate friend that America has than this critical European partner. The Romania Day on Broadway Festival honors this partnership and commitment and brings together the best of both nations in the heart of New York City – Broadway.

Stefan Minovici

Founder of Romania Day On Broadway

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